Password Security / Hardware / Software Policy

City of Canton

Password Security/Software/Hardware Policy

Section 1. Requirement

(a) As a requirement of the State Auditor, all information contained in City files or on the City's network must be secure from unauthorized access or use. This policy is meant to maintain the accuracy and integrity of information stored in all files on the City's network.

Section 2. Passwords

(a) All passwords must be at least five characters in length. Special characters and numbers ARE allowed. Spaces ARE NOT allowed. Passwords SHOULD NOT be names of family members, birth dates, phone numbers or other things that they can be easily guessed. For example, an employee can use an asterisk or special characters between letters or instead of a space.

(b) Employees should not make passwords too elaborate or hard to remember. Passwords are to be kept confidential. Passwords should never be displayed near a PC or discussed with others. Employees should NEVER program a key on the keyboard as their password.

(c) Every forty-five (45) days, the network will instruct employees to change their passwords. Employees have a five day grace period to change the network password. If the password is not changed, employees will be locked out of the network.

(e) Employees must contact the Department of Information Technology (IT) to have the account unlocked and to regain access to the network.

Section 3. Software

(a) Only licensed software purchased by the City of Canton, Ohio, may be used on City equipment. This includes, but is not limited to screen savers, games, etc.

Section 4. Hardware

(a) Employees SHALL NOT, under any circumstances, take a personal computer apart or have any other unauthorized hardware installed. Hardware is to be installed/uninstalled ONLY by a qualified IT technician, unless otherwise approved by an employee's Department Head.