Complaint Procedures

Complaint Form ~ Personnel Complain Procedures - Policy 1020

It is the policy of the City of Canton and the Police Department that all complaints received from citizens or initiated by employees will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Legitimate grievances regarding inadequate police service or misconduct by members of the Department will be received courteously and resolved in a fair and impartial manner.


The objective of this policy is to provide both citizens with an effective avenue of redress and protect officers from false charges of misconduct or wrongdoing. In so doing, the Department shall not hesitate to impose disciplinary action against unfit officers and dismiss unjustified allegations against innocent officers.

The Department will strive to remain informed about the needs and problems of the community. A policy of community outreach shall be instituted to keep open channels of communication between the Department and the members of the community to hear the concerns of citizens and to identify potential problem areas.

Complaints to Be Handled by Internal Affairs

  • Criminal conduct (Violations of statutes, ordinances, departmental rules and regulations by sworn members)
  • Excessive use of force
  • Serious misconduct (Severe nature or pattern of procedural violations, lack of service, etc.)
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Any other complaint assigned by the Chief of Police