Application for Public Events

To make an application to sponsor a public event on City-owned property, the event sponsor or representative must complete and submit the Public Event Application and all necessary fees and supporting documentation at least 7 days in advance of any block party and at least 30 days in advance of an event utilizing City-owned property. The City reserves the right to reject any incomplete applications. Final approval of all applications rests within the authority of the Director of Public Safety who may approve or deny any application at his/her discretion. 

Public Events

If you are requesting to block roads, use a city space, or host a neighborhood block party, You must complete either one of these:

Submission Materials

Please also submit the following:

  • Payment of event fee
  • Site plan/map for the event (can be uploaded in online application)
  • With the exception of block parties, all applications must include a certificate of liability insurance with coverage of $1,000,000 which includes the City of Canton as an additional insured.
  • A letter addressing any other information or questions you may have that are not covered by this form.

Insurance Certificate

Please direct your insurance agent to mail or fax a copy of the insurance certificate to:
City of Canton - Mayor's Office
Attn:  Public Events
218 Cleveland Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44702

Phone: 330-438-4309
Fax: 330-489-3282

Note: Please include the event name on the certificate of liability insurance.

Block Parties

If you are hosting a neighborhood and/or block party with road closures, the Neighborhood Street Closure-Block Party Petition (PDF) must be signed by all neighbors affected by the road closures. This needs done IN ADDITION TO the Public Event Application.

Aerial Banners

If you would like to hang a banner over the 1000 block of Market Avenue North or the Market Avenue Skywalk, the Aerial Banner Request form (PDF) must be completed and returned.

Sound Amplification

If sound amplification equipment is going to be used during an event, a Sound Variance form must be completed and returned.

Approval & Forms

The appropriate form(s) should be printed out, filled in, and returned to the Mayor’s office (City Hall, 8th Floor). Please note that events will not be approved until all paperwork has been returned.

Charges for Reservation of Public Grounds

AreaDaily Fee
Central Plaza North (Median in the 100 Block of Market Avenue North)$100
Central Plaza South (Median in the 100 Block of Market Avenue South)$100
Courthouse Plaza (Courtyard behind the Stark County Courthouse)$100

Charges for Services of Public Safety Forces

The number of Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), or Police Officers required at the event will be determined by each department upon the receipt of an event request. Based on the scope of the event and available manpower, the cost of these services will be totaled and an invoice will be sent to the applicant. Cancellation of these services must take place at least 48 hours prior to the start time of any event to receive full reimbursement.

Please make checks payable to:
City of Canton
218 Cleveland Avenue SW
Canton, OH 44702

Fire/ EMT

  • $50 Per Hour Regular/$58 Per Hour Holiday
  • Minimum of 4 hours for all Fire/EMT services


  • $50 Per Hour Regular/$58 Per Hour Holiday ($20 Per Hour/Per Police Cruiser)
  • Minimum of 4 hours for police services

Events in City of Canton Parks

  • Complete this application at least 30 days in advance to hold an event in a City park. 
  • Final approval of all applications rests within the authority of the Canton Parks Commission.
  • Public Event Fee for Canton Parks is $500 for profit organizations and/or individuals, $350 for Non-Profits, and $25 for Neighborhood Associations of Canton. This fee includes one shelter if one is available at that site. All additional shelters at that location which cannot be used due to the event will be added to your invoice.
  • Mail application, insurance and a copy of 501c3 (if applicable) to:
    Canton Park Commission
    1414 Market Avenue
    Canton, OH 44714
    Phone: 330-456-4521
    Fax: 330-454-5884