Snow & Ice Removal

Snow and ice are defined as any winter weather event consisting of but not limited to:

  • Freezing rain
  • Ice storm
  • Sleet
  • Snow


The objective of the City of Canton's Street Department during times of snow and ice is to "Maintain roadway safety while striving towards protecting the city's drinking water."

Procedure for Snow & Ice Events

The City of Canton has over 900 lane miles and is divided into 13 districts. Each district has designated main, secondary and ending routes. The expressways of State Routes 30 and 62 and the downtown area make up three of the districts. Note: Council Wards and Snow Districts are not the same. View the Snow District Map page for more information.

Upon the completion of main routes, the department begins treatment of the secondary routes. Flat secondary routes are spot salted. Upon the completion of the secondary routes the ending routs are then plowed. Ending routes consist of all alleys, narrow residential streets, and dead-end stubs. As a rule, ending routes are usually just plowed and not salted.

Definition of Routes

  • Main routes will receive priority attention during snow and ice events. The expressway routes through the City are priorities and are considered main routes. The mains were chosen by their:
    • Pavement type
    • Terrain (grades or curves)
    • Thoroughfares usage
    • Traffic counts
    • Traffic routes
  • Secondary routes are mostly residential streets with a few exceptions.
  • Ending routes are the last routes to be addressed due to their low traffic counts such as alleys.