Systems Planning Board


  • 9:30 am
  • 2nd Wednesday of every odd numbered month
  • City Hall


  • Thomas M. Bernabei, Mayor
    No Expiration
  • Jim Adams, Health Commissioner
    No Expiration
  • Patrick Barton, Information Systems
    No Expiration
  • Kristen Bates Aylward, Law Director
    No Expiration
  • Zachary Malloy, Public Appointee
    Term Expires May 30, 2024
  • Phil Giavasis, Clerk of Courts
    No Expiration
  • John Highman, Director of Public Service
    No Expiration
  • Mike Kochera, Municipal Court
    No Expiration
  • RA Mallonn, Auditor
    No Expiration
  • John Mariol II, City Council
    No Expiration
  • Kim Perez, Treasurer’s Office
    No Expiration
  • Andrea Perry, Director of Public Safety
    No Expiration

Appointment Process

Public member is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council.

Membership Requirements

The Board consists of:

  • Mayor or his designee
  • Law Director or his designee
  • Auditor or his designee
  • Treasurer or his designee
  • One member of City Council or his designee
  • Presiding judge of the Canton Municipal Court or his designee
  • Clerk of Courts or his designee
  • Director of Public Service or his designee
  • Health Commissioner or his designee
  • Director of Public Safety or his designee
  • Information Systems manager or his designee
  • One member of the public, qualified by occupation or profession as having specialized knowledge in the area of management information systems


The Systems Planning Board:

(a) Serves as an advisory board to the Department of Management Information Systems.

(b) Provides recommendations concerning the planning, acquisition, prioritization of user needs, allocation of financial resources, choices concerning new and future technologies, replacement scheduling of existing systems, personnel training and utilization issues and other issues concerning computer-based information systems required by various departments within the City.

(c) In conjunction with the Department of Management Information Systems, establishes short-term and long-term planning objectives for the City's information systems requirements.

(d) Approves computer related purchase over $15,000 prior to Council approval to ensure compatibility with existing systems, coordinate technology throughout the City and verify the best solution at the lowest cost.

Term Length

Two years


Members serve without compensation.


City Ordinance 150.January, 2002