Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC)


  • Meetings are held annually.
Name Position Expiration Date
William V. Sherer II
Mayor No Expiration
Mary Jo Slick Board of Education No Expiration
Richard A. Mallonn, II City Canton Financial Officer No Expiration
Jeff Gruber Canton City Schools No Expiration
Jason Schatzel Canton Local Schools No Expiration
Kathy Jordan Plain Local Schools No Expiration
Greg Hawk Councilmember No Expiration
Alan Harold County Auditor No Expiration
Jeff Dafler Public Appointee 12/31/2025
Janelle Lee Public Appointee 12/31/2025

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council.

Membership Requirements

The board consists of:

  • The Mayor or his designee
  • One member of Council, appointed by the Council President
  • County auditor or his designee
  • Chief financial officer or the city or his designee
  • An individual appointed by the board of education of each district to which tax exemptions apply
  • Two members of the public
  • At least four members of the council must be residents of the City
  • At least one of the public members must be a minority


Annually, the Tax Incentive Review Council:

(a) Reviews all agreements granting exemptions from property taxation and any performance or audit reports required by those agreements.

(b) Reviews all exemptions from property taxation resulting from the declaration of public purpose improvements.

(c) Reviews the compliance of each recipient of a tax exemption with the nondiscriminatory hiring policies developed by the county or city.

On the basis of these determinations, the Council submits to Council written recommendations for continuation, modification, or cancellation of each agreement.

Term Length

Two years


Members serve without compensation.


Ohio Revised Code 5709.62, 5709.83, 5709.85