Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDDs)

"JEDDs are territorial districts created by agreement of the legislative authorities of municipal corporations, townships, and, under certain circumstances, counties. The purpose of a JEDD is to promote economic development, create and preserve jobs, and improve the economic welfare of the people in the state and in the area of the contracting political subdivisions. Generally, these purposes are accomplished by imposing an income tax within the district and sharing the revenue and other resources among the subdivisions. The revenue and resources may be used to enhance infrastructure in the area surrounding the district, provide new and additional services and facilities to the district, accomplish other objectives that may be specified in the JEDD contract, and supplement the revenue of each subdivision. JEDDs are governed by a board of directors composed of members representing each of the contracting parties. If businesses operate in the JEDD, two additional members represent the businesses and the people working in the JEDD."
McDaniels, Joe. OH. LSC. Final Analysis. Sub H.B. 182, 131st GA. p. 3-4.

The Canton City Income Tax Department is administering JEDD income taxes for multiple districts in Jackson Township and Perry Township. It is important to understand that each JEDD is an entirely separate entity. Each JEDD will issue a distinct account number and it is imperative that companies use the correct account number to ensure that withholdings and net profits taxes are credited to the appropriate JEDD taxing district and the proper account. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE THE CORRECT ACCOUNT NUMBER.