Bird Scooters

The City of Canton and Bird, a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation, have teamed up to bring shared e-scooters to the city. The eco-friendly transportation option is available to rent for short rides around the city. They are parked on the sidewalk, lock to themselves rather than a bike rack or a dock, and are activated through Bird’s free smartphone app and user account.

Report a Problem

There are several ways to report a problem. If you experience a problem with the ride, including a mechanical or technical issue, use the community mode on the mobile app to file a report. If you see a scooter that is poorly located, such as blocking the sidewalk, email the City of Canton support email or call the 24/7 support line to have the problem resolved. If the scooter is involved in an emergency situation, such as a crash, call 911.

  • Mobile App Community Mode: In the bottom left corner of the bird mobile app, click on the community mode icon and file a report. This sends an immediate action alert to the Operations team.
  • City of Canton Support Email:
  • Call 24/7 Support Line: +1 (866) 205-2442

For general questions about Bird Scooters call Cassie Pearson at 330-438-4128 or email to

Resource Library

  • City of Canton Codified Ordinances
  • Community Pricing
    • Bird's inclusive Community Pricing Program offers a 50% discount to low income riders, Pell Grant recipients, select local nonprofit and community organizations, veterans and senior citizens. Those who qualify can sign up by downloading the Bird app, creating an account and emailing proof of eligibility to
  • Free Rides for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Personnel
    • To recognize the individuals whose work continues to be so crucial to the health and safety of our communities, Bird offers free rides to healthcare workers and emergency personnel. Those who qualify can sign up by emailing a copy of their medical identification card, name and phone number to Eligible riders receive two free 30-minute rides per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can scooters be parked?

Users should park the scooter anywhere on the sidewalk in the "furniture zone," as long as they don't block access for others. The furniture zone is the area between the curb and the walkway where there may already be trash receptacles, bus stops, benches, and bike racks. Parked devices should not block:

  • the pedestrian walkway (leave at least 6' of space)
  • bus stops and shelters
  • doorways and emergency exits
  • fire hydrants and standpipes
  • driveways and sidewalk ramps

There is a scooter parked in the wrong place. What should I do?

Contact Bird. The best way to have the scooter addressed is to report the specific location and problem to the City of Canton Support Email, This email goes directly to Bird and is only for Canton. Additionally, there is a 24/7 support line that can be used to report the problem.

Where are people supposed to ride scooters?

Scooters should be ridden in the street, following all traffic rules. Use bike lanes when possible. Do not ride on the sidewalk.

How should I drive my car when there are people on scooter on the road with me?

Share the road. People riding scooters are allowed on the road. While they will likely use bike lanes when available, scooter riders can be in the middle of the travel lane to be visible and to avoid road hazards. Slow down and drive with caution.

Drivers may pass people on scooters if they leave at least three feet between the motor vehicle and the rider. This is state law. Where possible, change lanes to pass. You may cross a double yellow line to pass as long as you safely yield to oncoming traffic. Make sure you are safely ahead of the rider before merging back into the right lane. If there is not room to pass safely, follow behind at a safe distance until you can pass.

Who can ride the scooters?

Any person who is 18 years old or older.

How do I use the scooters? How much do they cost?

You can use the scooters by downloading the Bird app on your smartphone and setting up an account. The app will walk you through what to do. The exact pricing depends on the ride, but most rides cost $1 to start and then $0.42 per minute until you end your ride.