Application Development

The City of Canton is fortunate to not only have its own Information Technology (IT) Department, but also its own Programming/Coding staff that handle in-house application (app) development and maintenance.

Coders' Duties

Over the years the Programmers have developed hundreds of apps for the City. Most of the apps are for use by the various departments in the City, but in the Internet age there are also some apps that the Citizens have access to. Those apps better help the citizens securely, and efficiently, interact with whichever various department they are trying to work with.

The City currently has almost 90 active apps that are in use, and were developed—or supported—by the programming staff.

Other Facets of Coder Duties

Coders have also been tasked to design user interfaces, design web page layouts, create or modify graphic images, and—occasionally—assist the Network and Hardware Technicians with hardware installs.