Tuesday, May 18, 2021
Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall
9:00 AM


Ordinances 85/2021 and 86/2021

Enter into various contracts utilizing American Rescue Plan Act and CDBG COVID-19 funds as follows:
a. Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio - $103,700.00 for summer youth employment
b. En-Rich-Ment - $53,343.00 for summer youth employment
c. Ambassador Program - $43,905.70 for summer youth employment
d. Stark County Community Action Association - $296,322.01 for summer youth employment
e. Canton Parks and Recreation - $42,905.70 for summer youth employment
f. Simply Youth - $150,000.00 for summer youth employment
g. Stark County Community Action Agency - $151,288.00 for youth enrichment and academics program for summer and year round


Ordinance 58/2021

Enter into contract with Fire Safety Services, Inc. in the amount of $99,450.00 for the purchase of fire turnout gear coats and pants pursuant to the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Cooperative Purchasing Program which exempts said purchase from competitive bidding.

2021 Car Wash Contract

Award and enter into contracts with Shawhurst Sunny Days Inc. dba Red Carpet Car Wash and Jusjon Ltd. dba Dad’s Car Care Center for one year as needed contracts, with the option of a two (2) year extension at the sole discretion of the City of Canton, for the interior and exterior washing of city vehicles in an amount not to exceed $24,999.99.