Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall

9:00 AM


Ordinance 34/2020

1. Enter into a professional services contract with Michael Baker International, Inc. in a total amount of $154,718.00 for construction administration services on the 13th St. NW Roadway Reconstruction Project, GP1248.  The City will pay $28,629.00 in Capital funds and $21,969.96 in Sewer funds and the remaining $104,119.04 will be paid by federal funds.

Ordinance 156/2019

2. Enter into Change Order No. 1 with Wenger Excavating, Inc. for the Woodland St. Water Main Extension project to extend the substantial completion date to July 24, 2020 in order to coordinate the paving schedule with other projects in the area.

Ordinance 66/2020

3. Enter into Change Order No. 1 with HM Miller Construction Company in the amount of $9,093.00 for the 4th St. SW Sewer Relocations Project, GP1303 to widen the concrete removal and replacement area for the storm sewer work.  This will also require additional fence to be removed and relocated, resulting in a new contract amount of $125,444.00.

Ordinance 2/2020

4. Award and enter into a 1-year supply contract (with the option of a 30 day extension at the sole discretion of the City of Canton) in the amount of $0.1797 per pound with Univar Solutions USA, Inc. for the supply of hydrofluorosilicic acid for the Water Department.