Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall

11:00 AM


Ordinance 87/2020

1. Enter into various contracts utilizing CDBG funds and ESG funds pursuant to the CARES Act per the distribution breakdown as follows:

CDBG Funds:                   ESG Funds:
Akron/Canton Food Bank-$75,000.00 Alliance for Children &Families-$209,357.00
Goodwill Industries-$50,000.00 Alliance for Children &Families-$51,075.00
Habitat for Humanity-$100,000.00        CommQuest-$34,000.00
Canton City Health Department-$47,400.00 Domestic Violence Project, Inc.-$30,000.00
Stark County Community Action Agency-$184,000.00 ICAN, Inc.-$296,427.00
Stark County Minority Business Assoc.-$82,500.00       Refuge of Hope Ministries-$84,600.00


Ordinance TBD

2. Enter into Change Order No. 1 with Arcadis U.S., Inc. in the amount of $56,182.00 for the Sludge Processing Modifications Project, Contract 27 for the Water Reclamation Facility due to additional engineering services for pilot testing and additional fees due to an extended construction period, resulting in a new contract amount of $754,882.00. 

Ordinance 180/2019

3. Enter into Change Order No. 2 & Final with Wenger Excavating, Inc. in the amount of $11,221.02 for the Woodlawn Ave. Water Main Extension Project due to additional concrete for trench repair and milling, resulting in a new contract amount of $658,328.42.

Ordinance TBD

4. Enter into a seven year lease agreement with Lease Servicing Center, Inc. dba NCL Government Capital for a total amount of $1,029,910.00 for the lease of wheeled trash collection carts from Schaefer Systems International, Inc. for the Sanitation Department pursuant to the Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) Cooperative Purchasing Program which exempts said purchase from competitive bidding.


Ordinance TBD

5. Enter into an agreement with Schaefer Systems International, Inc. in the amount of $1,029,910.00 for the purchase and distribution of approximately 25,000 wheeled carts for the Sanitation Department.