Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Mayor's Conference Room: 8th Floor City Hall

9:00 AM


Ordinance TBD

Enter into an Agreement for Purchase and Sale of Real Estate with 1800 Ninth Street, LLC in the amount of $445,000.00 for the City to purchase the real property, including the structures, buildings and all fixtures located at 1800 9th St. NE; vacant land on Lippert Rd. NE; 1607 8th St. NE and vacant land on 8th St. NE. for the purpose of acquiring and retrofitting the property for use as a salt dome and equipment/material storage facility.


Ordinance TBD

Enter into the Hall of Fame Village (HOFV) Sanitary Sewer Service Area Conveyance Agreements with Stark County in the amount of $400,000.00 to acquire the sanitary sewer rights for areas related to the HOFV included in the General Development Plan area to Canton; compensate the County for said conveyances and for the ownership, operation and maintenance of sanitary sewers and facilities on the HOFV campus.


Ordinance TBD

Enter into Change Order No. 2 with The Shelly Company AKA Central Allied Enterprises in the amount of $274,974.00 for the Cleveland Ave. NW Water Main Replacement project due to the need to utilize the Open-Cut method to install water services rather than Push-Bore which has a high risk of potential damage to existing utilities, resulting in a new contract amount of $2,440,736.00.


Ordinance 75/2020

Enter into Change Order No. 1 & Final with Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company in the amount of $1,742.85 for the Car Park EV Charging Station Project, GP1316 due to increased material costs and delivery delays.  This also extends the substantial completion deadline to December 20, 2020.