Department Heads


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, James Health      
Angelo, Chief Jack Police      
Angus, Donn Director of Planning and Zoning 330-438-4343  
Barton, Patrick Information Technology      
Converse, Tyler Water      
DiMarzio, James Collection Systems      
Foltz, Doug Parks      
Garra, Chief Thomas Fire      
Graves, Cliff Building Maintenance      
Heath, Don Motor Vehicles      
Moeglin, P.E., S.I., Dan Engineering    
Houdeshell, Deb Water Reclamation      
Parker, Michael Sanitation      
Rinaldi, JR Building Code      
Roth, Andrew Purchasing      
Schilling, Blake Civic Center      
Seward, Rollin Community Development      
Skondras, Christina Human Resources      
Sliman, Sam Civil Service      
Trzcinski, Steve Streets