How do I schedule a fire inspection for my home or business?

Please call 330-489-3400 or email to schedule an inspection.

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1. Does Canton Fire provide smoke detectors, CO detectors or Fire Extinguishers to residents?
2. Where do I place smoke detectors in my home?
3. Does the fire department service or fill fire extinguishers?
4. Can I burn yard waste (bushes, branches, leaves, etc)?
5. What or when can I burn in city limits?
6. Can I visit a station? Can our group visit a station for a tour?
7. How do I obtain a copy of a fire report? Is there a fee?
8. How do I obtain a copy of an EMS run report? Is there a fee?
9. I have information about an arson/fire. Who do I contact?
10. How do I reach the Fire Marshal?
11. How do I file a complaint?
12. How do I report a leaking or broken fire hydrant?
13. An animal is stuck or injured. Who do I contact?
14. I locked myself out of my car or house. Can the Fire Department help?
15. Does the City of Canton charge a fee for calling 911?
16. Why does the Canton Fire Department bill for ambulance services?
17. Who do I contact about my ambulance bill? Where do I mail my payment?
18. My child is setting things on fire. Can someone talk to him or her?
19. Does the fire department fill pools?
20. I have to test a fire alarm, or our alarm went off accidentally. Who I do call to report a test or false alarm?
21. How do I schedule a fire inspection for my home or business?
22. How do I pay for an inspection or permit?
23. What are your normal business hours? How do I get there?
24. Do I need to report my special medical condition and or device to the Fire Department?
25. How do I replace or update our Knox Box key?
26. How do I order a Knox Box (lock box)?
27. Which station responds to my location?
28. How do I dispose of a fire extinguisher??
29. Can I drop off or exchange needles at the fire department?
30. Where can I drop off unused medication?
31. How do I dispose of hazardous waste?
32. Does the Fire Department provide CPR classes?