What types of accessibility does the Canton Civic Center offer?

The Canton Civic Center consists of one main arena and one ballroom.  The entire building is located on ground level.  There are no elevators or escelators within the Canton Civic Center arena.  Once inside the arena, the numbered seating sections resemble that of a movie theatre, where each row is elevated higher than the row in front of it, and stairs are required to climb to access each higher row.  Hand rails are available at the entrances to any arena section.  Accessible stalls are available for use inside every Canton Civic Center restroom.  Hearing impared devises are available upon request at the Canton Civic Center Main Office during events.

Accessible seating is offered for every event that is hosted at the Canton Civic Center, but the location of that accessible seating is liable to change depending on the type of event.  Please see our arena maps for more information on accessible seating locations based on event.  Accessible seats can always be purchased online at Ticketmaster.com or in person at the Canton Civic Center Box Office during business hours.

Accessible parking is available upon request at the lots around the Canton Civic Center.  Please see attendants on event day for locations. 

For more information regarding accessiblity, please call our office during business hours at 330-489-3090.

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