How does the process work?
  • APPLY: Search and apply for jobs on 
  • TEST: Complete the required testing through the Civil Service Commission.
  • RANK: Once all steps are completed, candidates will be ranked on an eligibility list according to their performance in the previous steps.
  • INTERVIEW: Complete a series of interviews through the appropriate departments.
  • HIRE: Start your new career working for the City of Canton!

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1. How do I use to apply for a position in the city?
2. How does the process work?
3. If I want a job with the City, what do I have to do?
4. What is an Eligibility List?
5. How does the Commission use an Eligibility List?
6. How long is an Eligibility List in effect?
7. Where are the tests given?
8. How to I find information about my current status in the hiring process?
9. When are Civil Service Commission meetings?
10. Are all jobs within the City considered classified?
11. Do Veterans receive bonus credit on Civil Service Exams?