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Sound System Variance

  1. List start to end times

  2. List exact location where event will be taking place.

  3. For "General Commercial Advertising" purposes, as long as the operation complies with all the Chapter's Regulations:  Using a loud speaker on a vehicle:

  4. In general, sound systems shall NOT be operated:

    - if causing a disturbing influence of any hospital, school, chruch, or within 100 ft from a polling booth.

    - before 8 AM or after 8 PM Monday - Saturday, without written approval.

  5. I, the undersigned, agree to not cause an "unreasonable hardship on a neighborhood" and will comply with all conditions, as agreed.  Additionally, I am aware of the City Ordinance associated with this application.

  6. NOTE:  The Director of Public Safety shall have the right to revoke this permit for any violations of conditions granted in this permit.

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