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Public Event Application


  1. 1. Event Information
  2. 2. Reservation of City Space
  3. 3. Road Closure / Block Party Request
  4. 4. Sponsoring Organization / Contact Information
  5. 5. City Resources
  6. 6. Map Submission
  7. 7. Additional Requirements
  8. 8. Signature of Applicant
  • Event Information

    1. Are you planning a protest or picket?*

    2. Will you have vendors, merchants, or exhibitors?*

      If you plan to sell goods, cook over an open flame, and/or serve food, you may need permits or inspections from any of the following entities:

      • City of Canton Fire Department: Phone: 330-489-3411
      • City of Canton Health Department - Phone: 330-489-3231
      • City of Canton License Department - Phone: 330-438-4480
      • Stark County Auditor (Vendor's License) - Phone: 330-451-7357

    3. Are you planning to sell or serve alcohol?*

      If you plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, you must first make an application (at least four weeks in advance) to the Ohio State Division of Liquor Control. You may call the Ohio State Division of Liquor Control at 614-644-2360 for more information.

    4. Are you planning a firework display?*

      If you are planning a fireworks display, you must first call the Canton Fire Department at 330-489-3411. They will assist you with the requirements for fireworks licensing.

    5. Are you planning on having carnival rides?*

      If carnival rides are to be used, a permit must be obtained. Please call the City License Department to obtain it at 330-438-4480.

    6. Are you using sound amplification equipment?*

      If sound amplification equipment is to be used or excessive noise may result from your event, a sound variance may be required. Please call the City License Department to obtain it at 330-438-4480.

    7. Are you planning to use tents?*

      If tents are to be used, you will need to obtain a permit from the Canton Fire Department by calling 330-489-3411.