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Civil Service Commission


The Commission prescribes, amends, and enforces rules for the classification of positions in the civil service of the city, city schools, and city health district.  The rules apply to appointments, promotions, removals, transfers, layoffs, suspensions, reductions, and reinstatements of all above positions.  The Commission also creates and enforces rules to ensure the standardization of these positions and maintaining efficiency in them.

The Commission makes reports at least once a year on the manner in which the rules have been and are being administered and the results of their administration.

Meeting Times

Meetings are held monthly.  Contact the Civil Service Department at 330-438-3360 for times and dates.

Appointment Process

Members are appointed by the Mayor.  Council confirmation is not required.

Current Members

Civil Service Commission Members Seat Designation Term Expiration
Monty Pender (D) Union Representative 12/31/19
Scott Warner (R) Business Representative 12/31/23
Carlene Harmon (D) Public Member 12/31/21

Membership Requirements

No more than two commissioners may be of the same political party.
Members must reside, own property, own a business, or work within the city.

Term Length

Six (6) years


Members are paid $3,050 annually.


Ohio Revised Code 124.40

If you would like to apply to serve on this commission or recommend someone to serve, please send or fax a resume and cover letter to:

Office of Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei
ATTN: Boards and Commissions
218 Cleveland Ave. SW
Canton, OH  44702

FAX: 330-489-3282

Last updated 4/8/2016

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