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Board of Health


The Board has the power to:

(a) Appoint a Health Commissioner as well as any public health nurses, clerks, physicians and other persons as it deems necessary and provided by law.

(b) Pass all orders and regulations it deems necessary for the public health and for the prevention of disease.

(c) Abate and remove all nuisances within the City.

(d) Compel the proprietors or owners or occupants or tenants of a property, house or building upon or in which a nuisance is to abate and remove the nuisance.

(e) Investigate any complaint or reasonable belief that an infectious or contagious disease prevails in any locality or house and on discovery that such disease exists, to send the person infected to the hospital.

(f) Recommend to Council such measures as it deems necessary to promote and secure the health of the City and to prevent the introduction of contagious, dangerous and infectious diseases.

Meeting Times

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month at 12:00 at the Health Department, 420 Market Ave North.

Appointment Process

Five members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council. The Mayor of the City serves as the Board president.

Current Members

Board of Health Members Seat Designation Term Expires
Steven Hickman Mayor Appointee 3/31/2022
Cleo A. Lucas Mayor Appointee 3/31/2023
Dr. James Johns Mayor Appointee 3/31/2024
Dr. Amy Lakritz Mayor Appointee 5/2/2020
Patrick Wyatt
Mayor Appointee  3/31/2021
Thomas M. Bernabei President No Expiration

Membership Requirements

There are no specific requirements for membership.  In making appointments, preferance is given to individuals who reside, own property, own a business, or work within the city.

Term Lengths

Five (5) years


Members serve without compensation.


City Ordinance 1701.01-.07
Ohio Revised Code chapter 3707, 3709

If you would like to apply to serve on this commission or to recommend someone to serve, please send or fax a cover letter and resume to:

Office of Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei
ATTN: Boards and Commissions
218 Cleveland Ave. SW
Canton, OH  44702

FAX: 330-489-3282

Last updated 4/8/2016

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