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Income Tax Board of Review


The Board hears appeals made by any person dissatisfied with any ruling or decision of the City Treasurer.  The Board, on hearing the appeal, has the jurisdiction to affirm, reverse, or modify any ruling, decision, or assessment.

Meeting Times

Meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am on the 4th floor of 424 Market Ave. North.

Appointment Process

1 member is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council, and serves at-will.
2 members are appointed by Council, and serve a two term. 

Current Members

Income Tax Board of Review Members Seat Designation Term Expires
Robert Fay Mayor Appointee At-Will
John Giua Council Appointee 12/31/2019

Council Appointee 12/31/2019

Membership Requirements

  • Members may be domiciled in the city, but Council may also consider for membership, individuals who are not domiciled in the City.
  • Members bay not be employees, elected officials, or contractors with the City at any time during their term or in the five years immediately preceding the date of appointment.
  • Members shall serve for two year terms.
  • There is no limit on the number of terms that a member may serve, given biannual re-appointments.
  • The Board shall convene (generally once a month) as needed to conduct hearings of taxpayer appeals.

Term Lengths

Two (2) Years


Members are not compensated.

City Ordinance 182.18

If you would like to apply to serve on this commission or to recommend someone to serve, please send or fax a cover letter and resume to:

Office of Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei
ATTN: Boards and Commissions
218 Cleveland Ave. SW
Canton, OH  44702

FAX: 330-489-3282

Last updated 4/8/2016

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