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Communications - Media Relations

The City of Canton is dedicated to being responsive and informative to members of the news media.  We understand your role as the primary source of news and information for the general public, and will do our best to help you find the information you need to complete your story or filing.

To get in touch with a staff member, administrator, or elected official of the City of Canton, please contact:

Office of Communications
Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei
(330) 438-4307

If you are visiting us in person, you can find Canton City Hall at 218 Cleveland Avenue S.W. in beautiful downtown Canton.  If you need help finding us, please don't hesitate to call at the information listed above.  We encourage you to use popular online mapping Web sites to receive doorstep-to-doorstep directions. 

Metered parking is available around City Hall, though a safer bet may be to use the parking garage located between 2nd and 3rd Street on Market Avenue South. 

See below for a parking diagram of City Hall.

Parking Diagram

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