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Group Buying Power Works for Electricity Too
Released/Published: Jan 29, 2015
CANTON, Ohio — 

Thanks to governmental aggregation, residents and small businesses in Canton have access to a beneficial electric program that provides monthly savings on their electric bills.

The aggregation program provides residents with guaranteed savings on their electric bills through a 10 percent savings off the utility’s generation rate. This means that regardless of the rate your utility would charge you for electric generation, the rate you pay through the Canton aggregation program will always be 10 percent lower. The savings for small businesses is 8 percent. 

If you are in the city’s program, or would like to enroll and prefer to receive a fixed rate, you can contact the program supplier, FirstEnergy Solutions, to receive a rate of 7.27 cents per kWh through March 2018. To enroll, please visit or call FirstEnergy Solutions at 1-866-636-3749.  Have a recent copy of your AEP electric bill handy.

Governmental aggregation, which was passed by Canton voters in 2011, allows community leaders to form aggregated buying groups to purchase electric generation on behalf of their citizens. By bringing citizens together, the aggregation gains group buying power and can typically negotiate a better price with the supplier than each aggregation group member could have negotiated individually. 

Your local electric utility will continue to be responsible for the delivery of power to homes and businesses, and will continue to read your meter, maintain poles and wires, and restore power after an outage.

If you have any questions about the electric aggregation program, please feel free to contact FirstEnergy Solutions at 1-866-636-3749.

Contact Information: Randy Dublikar, Director of Purchasing 330.489.3245

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