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Retirement Announcement


PHOTO: Retiring 30 year Fire Department veteran and EMT/Firefighter, Bill Welch.
By Justin Deierling
Released/Published: Jul 31, 2019

Congratulations to Bill Welch on your recent retirement!

Bill was hired on August 31, 1989 and spent 10 years as a Paramedic/Firefighter and 20 years as a EMT/Firefighter. Bill received co-firefighter of the year in 2003 after the rescue of a Canton toddler.

When asked what advice he has for young firefighters, Bill stated "when a veteran firefighter takes the time to explain something job related ... listen to what they have to say. You do not have to take their advice, but you may learn something."

Bill loved his 30 year career here at CFD and wanted everyone to know that how much he was grateful to meet and work with everyone. Bill says that he plans on doing more leather-crafting and escorting funerals on his motorcycle during his retirement.

Bill will always be known for his ability to make you laugh and his willingness to help others.

Best of Luck, Bill!

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