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Canton Greats

Canton "Greats"
Famous City Residents Throughout History

Canton is rich with history thanks to the men and women that helped to put our great city on the map. From athletes, to inventors, to scientists, these influential individuals helped mold Canton into a city known both nationally and globally.

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Canton Greats - Athletes

Some of the greatest athletes and coaches in history originate from Canton. Canton is the proud home to many athletes who have stood out among their peers including Olympic Gold Medal winners and the Athlete of the Century. 


Canton Greats - Pulitzer-Prize Winners


Pulitzer Prize Winners
Canton has seen its share of successful writers and artists. A few of which have been honored for their work and are recipients of the Pulitzer Prize.


Canton Greats - Statesmen

President McKinley has contributed to the City of Canton, as well as a former Supreme Court Justice and a previous U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, by serving the people and adding to the history of our nation.  


Canton Greats - Educators


Much of Canton’s history of success is attributed to the hard work and dedication of our educators. Canton is home to men and women who have made great strides for education both in our city and our nation.


Canton Greats - Architects


Canton owes much of its architectural beauty to the vision of those who through creativity and innovation transformed a once rural and sparsely populated town into a beautiful city.  


Canton Greats - Aviators


With progression in ballooning and modern aviation, Canton is a leader in the State of Ohio contributing in many areas to aviation advancement.


Canton Greats - Stage and Screen


Stage and Screen
Canton is also home to a number of Hollywood actors and actresses, as well as those who work behind the scenes to ensure the success of the industry.


Canton Greats - Fine Arts


Fine Arts
Inspired by their background and experiences, many native Canton musicians and artists share their talents which have been recognised and enjoyed by people around the world.


Canton Greats - Agriculture


Early farming found its start in Canton and the surrounding areas. Motivated farmers from the area worked diligently to invent and produce machinery that would make farming easier- revolutionizing the way in which farmers harvest their crops.


Canton Greats - Industry


Thanks to these great men, Canton was able to grow as industry expanded in the early twentieth century. Their hard work and dedication to their respected fields helped fuel Canton and its economic growth.


Canton Greats - Entrepreneurs


In its early years, Canton was home to the largest watch producer in the world and a prominent stove making company. Due to the ambition of these business owners, Canton has been able to attract many successful entrepreneurs due to its well known reputation.


Canton Greats - Music


Canton natives found their voices, rhythms, and music styles here in their hometown. The city has seen individuals go on to record number one hits and produce music that is enjoyed by millions around the world.


Canton Greats - Developers


Canton owed much of its early population growth to developers who were able to envision a more fruitful and robust city. With this vision, they were able to acquire the business of in large corporations which created jobs for many residents.


Canton Greats - Notable Figures


Notable Figures
Many prominent Canton residents found their success in areas outside the listed categories. Their contributions in various fields increased Canton’s reputation as a home to outstanding individuals who have strongly impacted the world.


Canton Greats - Opera


Opera Notables
The Canton area has been blessed with philanthropists who support opera and have provided venues for great artists who have excelled in major roles in opera nationally and internationally. 



Canton Greats

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