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Canton Law Department represents you
By Joe Martuccio/Canton Law Director
Released/Published: Jan 10, 2011

CANTON, Ohio — 

Happy New Year!  As you settle in for some comfortable warm winter reading, we thought you may appreciate perusing an overview of one of the less flashy city department your taxes support.

The Canton Law Director serves as the city's attorney and one of the city's executive officers under state law.  His department is like an in-house public sector law firm for the city's council members, elected officials, boards, commissions and department heads.   The department is located in City Hall, conveniently accessible to the many officials and the public it serves.  This independently elected position used to be known as the City Solicitor.

The Law Department has two divisions.  The civil division prosecutes and defends civil litigation in local, state and federal courts, drafts and prepares contracts and ordinances, and provides legal advice and representation in diverse areas such as labor relations, civil service, taxation, code enforcement and related health, safety and welfare issues.

The criminal division, or city prosecutor's office, prosecutes all of the cases within the Canton Municipal Court District, which includes central Stark County.   Our prosecutors also advise and assist the law enforcement officers from numerous jurisdictions during the course of their investigations.  In some cases, private criminal complaints may be filed with our office.  

The process for filing these complaints, along with our staff listings and more detailed information may be found at  You may also access this link in the city's helpful website to research the city's codified ordinances under "Law Finder."

We wish you a safe new year in which your need for our services is only happy and healthy.



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