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Mayor's Office - Staff Listing
The following is a complete listing of all managerial and support staff who report to Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei. For questions or additional information about these individuals, please contact the Office of the Mayor at (330) 438-4307.
To contact a Cabinet or staff member by e-mail, click their name below the photo. To visit that Cabinet or staff member's department, click the department beneath their name.

Cabinet Officials
Fonda Williams

Deputy Mayor
(330) 438-4302
John Highman 

Director of Public Service
(330) 438-4305
Mark Crouse

Finance Director

(330) 438-4304
Andrea Perry

Director of Public Safety
(330) 438-4303
Administrative and Support Staff
Christopher Hardesty
Assistant to Safety and 
Service Director
(330) 438-4309


Tammy Diener
Management Assistant
(330) 438-4300

Roger Sowick

Staff Assistant
(330) 438-4306

Department Heads (in alphabetical order by department)
Sam Sliman
Sam Sliman
Annexation and
Civil Service

David Molnar

Cliff Graves

Blake Schilling
Civic Center

James DiMarzio
James DiMarzio
Collection Systems

Rollin Seward
Rollin Seward
Community Development

Dan Moeglin
Dan Moeglin,
P.E., S.I.


Chief Thomas Garra
Chief Thomas Garra

James Adams

Amy Slater
Amy S. Cole
Human Resources

Patrick Barton
Patrick Barton
Information Technology

Don Heath
Don Heath

Motor Vehicles

Derek Gordon
Director of Parks

Chief Bruce Lawver
Chief Bruce Lawver

Director of Purchasing

Michael Parker
Michael Parker
Steve Trzcinski
Steve Trzcinski

Tyler Converse
Tyler Converse
Tracy Mills
Tracy Mills
Water Reclamation

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