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Licensing and Permit Requirements for Planting and Treating Trees within City of Canton Limits
By Stephanie Gallagher
Released/Published: Jun 18, 2014

CANTON, Ohio — 

Contractors or individuals who wish to plant trees or perform tree cutting, removal, or pruning work within the city limits must now have specific qualifications.

The changes will protect against tree-topping, illegal pruning, and the planting of trees in areas where they cannot survive. According to the city ordinance, all contractors or individuals will be required to secure a permit to plant trees on public property or in the public right-of-way including tree lawns/devil strips adjacent to sidewalks and roadways within city limits.

All trees planted on public property or in the public right-of-way must be from the city's approved tree list and planted according to city standards and specifications.

Additionally, any contractor performing tree cutting, removal, treating, or pruning work on any tree located within Canton city limits on public and private property are required to be approved by the city arborist and licensed by the city. The license must be renewed annually and requires the contractors to provide proof of insurance, professional certifications, and other credentials necessary to perform work on trees.

"These requirements have been implemented to better manage our urban forest and to protect the health and safety of both Canton residents and visitors," said Dick Drake, Canton City Arborist.

While Canton does not currently require tree planting contractors to be licensed, a license is required for contractors to cut, remove, treat, or prune trees on both public and private property within the city limits. A license can be secured at the Engineering Department.

The City of Canton will begin enforcing the new requirements on July 1, 2014.

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