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City of Canton Receives SAFER Grant
Will Rehire Laid Off Firefighters

Released/Published: Aug 12, 2016
CANTON, Ohio — 

Mayor Thomas M. Bernabei announced today that the City of Canton Fire Department is a recipient of a 2016 Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (“SAFER”) Grant. The $1.45 million award will be used to rehire 10 firefighters who were recently laid off to address the General Fund shortfall faced by the City.

“The awarding of the SAFER grant to the Canton Fire Department is great news for the City of Canton and the firefighters who were laid off”, said Fire Chief Thomas Garra. “We will make every effort to bring them back as soon as possible. Hopefully, this step is the beginning of returning our firefighter staffing to an adequate and safe level.”

When fire layoffs occurred earlier this year, the Bernabei administration committed at that time to seek additional grant funding in order to reinstate those firefighters. “This grant will enable the City of Canton to start on a path to bring the Fire Department staffing levels back up and continue to service the City of Canton”, said Safety Director Andrea Perry.

The grant award was announced today during a meeting of the Fire Department and Mayor’s Administration. Director of Public Safety Andrea Perry expects more details and disbursement will be coming later in the summer. “The awarding of this grant is an important first step to ensuring our staffing levels are secure in the coming year”, said Mayor Bernabei.

For more information, contact Andrea Perry, Director of Public Safety, at 330-438-4307.

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