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Purchasing/Bids - Bid Information

Bid Notifications may be removed at any time and without notice. After bidding closes for a project, the bid with winning bidder information will be listed on the web site for about a year after bidding ends.

Project: Emergency Profiling and Street Paving for the Water Department

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Awarded To: Central Allied Enterprises, Inc. of Canton, OH  44710
Bid(s): (see below)

Additional Information:
Please contact for pricing information.

Department: Water
Project Name: Emergency Profiling and Street Paving for the Water Department
Bidding Dates: 12/29/2016 through 01/17/2017 (Today is 11-18-2018)
The City of Canton Water Department is interested in receiving price proposals for emergency profiling, planing and paving of existing bituminous roadways. The City will utilize these contractors on an as needed basis based on the pricing provided to make roadway repairs following certain emergency water main repairs and/or replacements.

Bid Documents:

Bid Contact Information:
Name: John Highman
Phone: 330-438-4184

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