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Purchasing/Bids - Bid Information

Bid Notifications may be removed at any time and without notice. After bidding closes for a project, the bid with winning bidder information will be listed on the web site for about a year after bidding ends.

Project: Appraisal Services

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Winning Bidder(s) Information:
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Additional Information:
Companies will be selected on an as needed basis.

Department: Development
Project Name: Appraisal Services
Bidding Dates: 03/08/2017 through 03/28/2017 (Today is 11-18-2018)
The City of Canton intends to enter into contract for appraisal services for its Department of Development. The selected firm(s) must be State Certified General Real Estate Appraisers that are ODOT Pre-Qualified and interested in being considered for appraisal services.

Bid Documents:

Bid Contact Information:
Name: John Highman
Phone: 330-438-4184

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