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Purchasing/Bids - Bid Information

Bid Notifications may be removed at any time and without notice. After bidding closes for a project, the bid with winning bidder information will be listed on the web site for about a year after bidding ends.

Project: 2017 ADA Ramps and Sidewalks, GP 1267

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Awarded To: Spano Brothers Construction, Inc. of Akron, OH  
Bid: $229,026.90

Additional Information:
Final award is subject to the City's contracting process and the Auditor's certification of funds.

Department: Engineering
Project Name: 2017 ADA Ramps and Sidewalks, GP 1267
Bidding Dates: 10/13/2017 through 11/06/2017 (Today is 11-18-2018)
Please see the Invitation to Bid and related drawings for a complete project description.

Bid Documents:

Bid Contact Information:
Name: John Highman
Phone: 330-438-4184

(use the Department List for other contact information.)