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Streets - Snow and Ice Control/Removal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

"Snow and Ice" is defined as any winter weather event consisting of but not limited to snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice storm, etc...


The objective of the City of Canton's Street Department during times of Snow and Ice is to "Maintain Roadway Safety while Striving Towards Protecting the City's Drinking Water".

Procedure for Snow and Ice Events

The City of Canton has over 900 lane miles and is divided into 13 districts.  Each district has designated Main, Secondary and Ending routes. The expressways of State Routes 30 and 62 and the Downtown Area make up three of the districts. NOTE: Council Wards and Snow Districts are not the same. View Snow District Map below.

  • The Main routes will receive priority attention during snow and ice events. The mains were chosen by their traffic routes, traffic counts, thoroughfares usage, pavement type and terrain (grades or curves). The expressway routes through the City are priorities and are considered Main routes. View Main Routes by Districts below.
  • Secondary routes are mostly residential streets with a few exceptions.
  • Ending routes are the last routes to be addressed due to their low traffic counts such as alleys.


Upon the completion of Main routes, the department begins treatment of the Secondary routes.  Flat secondary routes are spot salted (change effective 2009-2010).  Upon the completion of the Secondary routes the Ending routs are then plowed. Ending routes consist of all alleys, narrow residential streets and dead end stubs. As a rule Ending routes, are usually just plowed and not salted.


What is Spot Salting? - It's the practice of salting intersections and intermittent salting on flat straight-a-ways.


Did you know it was Against the Law to Blow or Plow Snow into a City Street?


Codified Ordinances of the City of Canton


v  No Person shall place any obstruction in or upon a street without proper authority (ORC 4511.74)   

Snow removed from private or public parking lots shall not obstruct public sidewalks, streets, highways or alleys. Snow shall be contained within the parking lot and shall not be piled more than three feet high or so as to obstruct visibility.

v  Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor. 

 snow district map




District A:  Frazer west to Corp limits; 30th St NW to 50th NW

  • Cleveland Ave - 30th to 50th NW
  • 44th St - Plain Center to Cleveland
  • 39th St NW - Cleveland to Norman
  • 38th St NW - Arboretum to Cleveland
  • 37th St NW - Cleveland to Market
  • 34th St NW - Harrison to Frazer
  • 30th St NW - Cleveland to Market
  • Harvard NW - 30th St to Dead End
  • Frazer NW - 30th to Dead End
  • Norman NW - 34th to 44th
  • Harrison NW - 25th to 38th NW
  • Vernon Ave NW - 42nd to 49th NW
  • Cromer NW - 30th to 34th


District A1:  Frazer Ave NW east to Corp Limit; 30th to 55th St NE

  • Market Ave - 30th to 55th NE
  • 55th St NE - Market no Linford
  • Plain Center NE - 55th to 44th NE
  • 44th St NE - Market to Plain Center
  • Harvard Ave NW - 30th to 38th
  • 30th St NW - Market to Frazer
  • 37th St NW - Market to Frazer
  • 44th St NE/NW - Frazer to Plain Center
  • Bexwell St/ Helmsworth Dr - Plain Center to Plain Center


District B:  12th St NW to 30th St NW; Monument to Market

  • Ferndale NW - Harrison to Cleveland
  • 25th St NW - Harrison to Market
  • 23rd St NW - Monument to Market
  • 19th St NW - Market to Fulton
  • 18th St NW - Market to Fulton
  • 15th St NW - Market to Cleveland
  • Myrtle NW - Ferndale to 18th
  • Arnold NW - 19th to 12th
  • Harvard Ave NW - 30th to 15th
  • Cleveland - 30th to 12th NW
  • Woodland NW - 12th to 19th
  • McKinley NW - Cut thru
  • Fulton NW - 12th to City limits
  • Shorb NW - 12th to 18th
  • Monument NW - 12th to Fulton


District C:  12th St NE to 28th NE; Market Ave to Harrisburg/Maple NE

  • Market - 12th to 30th
  • Cherry - 12th to Market
  • Walnut - 12th to Market
  • 12th St NE - Market to Maple
  • Gibbs NE - 12th to Corp Limit
  • 19th St NE - Market to Harrisburg
  • 15th St NE - Market to Maple
  • Maple NE - 12th to Corp Limit
  • Gross Ne - 12th to 25th
  • St Elmo - 12th to Corp limit
  • 25th St NE - Market to St Elmo
  • 28th St NE - Market to Rowland
  • Spring/23rd St Ne - 12th to Market
  • Colonial NE - Market to Maple
  • Rowland NE - 12th to Corp line.


District D:  Harrisburg to Richmond NE; Mahoning/13th to Route 62

  • Harrisburg NE - Mahoning to Corp Limit
  • Mahoning NE - Harrisburg to Corp Limit
  • Harmont NE - Route 62 to 8th St NE
  • 25th NE - Harrisburg to Daleford
  • 19th/Midway NE - Harrisburg to Mahoning
  • Royal NE - 13th to 23rd
  • Edwards NE - 13th to 23rd
  • Indiana Way NE - Harrisburg to Mahoning
  • Superior NE - 13th to 23rd NE
  • 23rd NE - Harrisburg to Royal
  • Winfield Way NE - Ohio to Grace NE
  • Fairmont NE - Harmont to Kirby
  • Ellis NE - Fairmont to Dead End
  • Daleford NE - Mahoning to Lesh
  • Atlantic/Lesh NE - Regent to Corp Limit
  • Richmond/Kirby NE - Mahoning to Route 62
  • 30th St NE - Harrisburg to Richmond
  • 29th St NE - Harmont to Richmond
  • 18th St NE - Grace to Harrisburg
  • 17th St NE - Grace to Harrisburg
  • 16th St NE - Grace to Harrisburg
  • Coventry Blvd Ne - 29th to Mahoning NE
  • Midway NE - 19th to 25th


District E:  Tuscarawas south to Corp line; Cherry to Belden/Corp line east.  Also including the Quarry Annexation area.

  • Tuscarawas - Cherry to Corp limit
  • 2nd St SE - Riverside to Cherry
  • 3rd St SE - Cherry to Belden
  • Riverside SE- Tusc to 3rd SE
  • Madison SE - Tusc to 11th SE
  • 11th ST SE - Market to Warner
  • 4th St SE/Route 43 - Belden to City limits
  • Warner Ave SE - Tusc to Corp limits
  • Cherry Ave SE - 3rd SE to Corp limits
  • Gateway SE - Cherry to Dead end
  • 17th St SE - Cherry to Allen
  • 4th St SE - Belden to Madison
  • Sherrick Rd SE - Cherry to Warner
  • Hartford Ave SE - Tusc to Dead end SE
  • Hedge Rose - Corp limit west to Argyle
  • Berger - Orchardview to City Limits
  • Argyle SW - Hedge Rose to Orchardview
  • Trump - Route 30 to Tusc
  • Belden Ave SE - Industrial Pl to 17th SE (per agreement)


District E1:  Lawrence/Mahoning/13th St NE to Tusc; Cherry to Marietta

  • Lawrence Ave NE - 12th to Cherry
  • Gibbs Ave NE - Highland to East Tusc
  • Spring Ave NE - 12th St to East Tusc
  • 9th St NE - Cherry to Ojays Pkwy NE
  • Mahoning Rd NE - Crystal Park to 4th NE
  • Ira Turpin Way NE - Ojays Pkwy to Belden
  • Belden Ave NE - Ira Turpin Way to Mahoning
  • Marion Motley Ave/Penn NE - Ira Turpin Way to Belden
  • 8th/6th St NE - City Corp to Cherry NE
  • 5th St NE - Cherry to 6th/8th St Connector
  • 4th St NE - Mahoning to Cherry NE
  • 3rd St NE - Cherry to Corp Line
  • Georgetown NE - 3rd NE to Marietta (per agreement)
  • Belden NE - 8th NE to East Tusc
  • Hartford Ave NE - 3rd to East Tusc
  • 8th St NE - Georgetown to Trump


District F:  11th/Navarre to Prairie College SW; Gambrinus (partial) to Cherry

  • Navarre Ave SW - City limits to Market
  • Harrison Ave SW - Navarre to 21st SW
  • 17th St SW - Harrison to Gambrinus
  • Dueber Ave SW - Navarre to Timken Rd
  • Bolivar Rd SW - Cleveland Ave to City limits
  • Cleveland Ave SW - Navarre to Mill
  • Market Ave S - Cleveland to Navarre
  • Allen Ave SE - 14th to Mill
  • Mill Ave SW - Allen to Dueber
  • 15th St SW - Harrison to Market
  • McKinley SW - Navarre to Cleveland
  • Kimball Ave SE - Allen to Market
  • Henry Ave SW - Timken Pl to Navarre
  • Faircrest Ave SW - Dueber to Shepler Church
  • Greentree SW - Faircrest to Cul-de-sac


District G:  Tuscarawas to Navarre SW; Whipple to High

  • Tuscarawas Ave W - High NW to Whipple
  • Bedford Ave SW - Tusc to 9th SW
  • Dartmouth Ave SW - Tusc to 9th SW
  • 6th St SW - High to Bedford
  • Dueber Ave SW - Tusc to Navarre
  • 9th St SW - High to Linwood
  • 11th St SW - Camden to Whipple
  • Raff Ave SW - 13th St SW to Tusc
  • 13th St SW - Whipple to Clarendon
  • Maryland Ave SW - Tusc to Navarre
  • Clarendon Ave SW - Tusc to Navarre
  • 5th St SW - High to Schroyer
  • 3rd St SW - Tusc to High


District H:  12th/13th St NW to Tuscarawas St W; Whipple/Corp line to Fulton/High

  • 12th St NW - Harrison to McKinley
  • Fulton Ave NW - 12th to Tusc
  • Harrison Ave NW - Tusc to Park Rd
  • 13th St NW - Wertz to Harrison
  • 4th St NW - Wertz to Lincoln
  • Lincoln Ave NW - 4th to 7th
  • 7th St NW - Lawn to High
  • Wertz NW - Tusc to 13th St NW
  • Monument Ave NW - 7th to 12th
  • Clarendon Ave NW - Tusc to 12th
  • Broad Ave NW - Tusc to 17th
  • 3rd St NW - Wertz to Whipple
  • Raff Rd NW - Tusc to 4th
  • Valleyview NW - Tusc to 4th


Who do I contact if my street needs plowed?

Feel free to contact the Street Department for any unplowed street at 330-498-3030. Office staff will take your request and your street will be added to our list. Please keep in mind there are 900 lane miles in Canton, divided into 13 districts. That means most of our plow drivers are averaging over 70 lane miles driven per snow and ice event. They can't be on every road at the same time.


Repeated calls from citizens to the office will have no impact on when your street will be plowed. There is a "Procedure for Snow and Ice Events" in place that they drivers follow.


I Usually Park on the Street.  What will happen to my Car?


To best serve the City of Canton, we ask that when there is a chance for Snow and Ice that you limit the parking of vehicles on the road. If you have access to a driveway please use it to park your vehicles during the snow and ice event. Parking on the street greatly limits the plow driver's ability to do a thorough job clearing and treating the pavement. It reduces the lane width creating a limited and often cramped lane for our plow driver to operate within. It also defeats our goal of treating the pavement from curb to curb.


Codified Ordinances of the City of Canton


The parking ban is instituted when four inches or more of snow is on the streets of Canton and the Street/Sewer Department is actively involved in the removal of this snow. Designated Emergency Snow Routes are marked as such by signage.

When the Mayor or Service Director declares an emergency and invokes the parking ban, such notice shall be conveyed through local radio stations. Vehicles parked on designated Emergency Snow Routes during the ban will be towed at the owner's expense. The parking ban remains in effect until the Mayor or Service Director lifts it.


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