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Streets - Adopt-a-Site Program

This program reduces the number of sites that rely on City resources for maintenance. When businesses and individuals assume the responsibility of maintaining specific sites within the City of Canton, not only do they benefit the City's stretched financial resources, but they also provide colorful and creative green spaces throughout our city. In addition to business and individuals, Adopt-a-Site is a great project for church groups, Scouts, service clubs, and other social organizations.


  • The City establishes an inventory of locations accommodating to landscaping and beautification.
  • An employee of the City would photograph these locations prior to their adoption. Photos would remain on file at the Department of Public Works.
  • The Canton Law Department requires those adopting a site to sign a “hold harmless” agreement. These agreements indicate the terms governing how these locations are to be maintained as well as time frames.
  • The agreements are for no less than one year with renewal rights offered to current adopter.
  • The City will develop standard signage to be used to recognize the adopting individual or organization.
  • Each individual or organization adopting a site is required to operate in accordance with existing safety practices and regulations.
  • The Department of Public Works will provide limited assistance to adopting parties in maintaining a site.
  • Application for inclusion in this program is handled by the Canton Street Department.

Click here to download an Adopt-A-Site Application.

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