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Take Me Home

Take Me Home

Take Me Home QR Code The City of Canton and Stark County are joining with the national Autism Society - Take Me Home program.

What is Take Me Home (PDF) - From the Autism Society.

The City of Canton's Take Me Home Flier (PDF).

Register at or scan the QR Code.

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Take Me Home is a program which began in Pensacola, FL when a local police officer met with members of the community with autistic children. These parents expressed concern about children who are prone to wander and are unable to communicate with public safety employees trying to help them. The Pensacola Police Department partnered with a software company to develop a program which allowed officers to receive pictures and descriptions of autistic children so that they could be connected with their families.

Canton officials learned about the program in 2017 and immediately began developing a Take Me Home program for Canton. We reached out to the Stark County Auditor's GIS department, who created a unique web-based platform for Take Me Home Canton.

How it Works

Family members of those with communication challenges follow the link to the Take Me Home registration form at The registrant can include a description, a photograph and cues for officers to use to assist with communication. Officers in the field who make contact with someone unable to communicate with them or confused about where they belong have immediate access to the database using any web-enabled device. Officers can search by description or geographically to find information about the individual.

Registrations can be made for individuals of any age in any Stark County community. Information entered will only be accessible by law enforcement officers. Although it will be administered by the Canton Police Department, this program will be available to every Stark County community at no charge.

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