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Visitors - Tourism Information

The City of Canton is home to a wide variety of events, festivals, activities, and attractions that make it a great tourist destination for the whole family. 

You can use this page to find out more about some of the many great things to do in Canton, as well link to the Canton-Stark County Convention and Visitors Bureau's Web site at

On this site, you can find information about:

Upcoming EventsToday: Tuesday, 4/23/2019
April 23 Music Technology Showcase
April 25 Live Nation Presents Tesla Shock USA Tour
April 26 2019 Canton Film Fest
April 27 2019 Canton Film Fest
April 28 2019 Canton Film Fest
April 29 The 5th Dimension, presented by Latshaw Productions
April 30 Kent State Stark Concert Bank
May 3 Canton First Friday
May 3 First Friday Family Movie: Racing Stripes
June 7 Canton First Friday
June 22 Got A Date With An Angel: Musical Memories of Meyers Lake Park
July 5 Canton First Friday
July 12 Anime Fest 2019
July 13 Anime Fest 2019
July 14 Anime Fest 2019
August 2 Canton First Friday
September 6 Canton First Friday
October 4 Canton First Friday
November 1 Canton First Friday
December 6 Canton First Friday
January 3 Canton First Friday

For more information about visiting Canton, contact the Canton-Stark County Convention and Visitors Bureau at (330) 454-1439 or call toll free: (800) 552-6051.  We look forward to meeting you!

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