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Water Department - Engineering Office

2664 Harrisburg Rd. N.E. Canton, Ohio 44705
Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM M-F
Voice: 330-489-3310 Fax: 330-489-3073


Scope of Services 

  • Responsible for keeping up to date maps of the Water Distribution System.
  • Responsible for the Backflow Prevention Program
  • Responsible for Hydrant Pressure and Flow Tests
  • Designs and/or reviews water main extension plans
  • Reviews plans for new Water Services
  • Reviews plans for new road and sewer construction within our distribution area
  • Issues permits for new water services
  • Issues Hydrant Use Permits

Note: When applying for a new commercial or industrial water service permit larger than 1", a set of plumbing and site plans must be submitted to the Water Department for review. 

To find a certified tester for a backflow prevention device, check the Ohio Department of Commerce web site:

All submitted Backflow Test Reports must be complete and legible.
Please submit by mail.

Canton Water Department
Engineering Office
2664 Harrisburg Rd NE
Canton, Ohio 44705

By Fax: 330-489-3073

By E-mail:

Regulations, Standards, and Test Forms
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