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Water Department - Laboratory


2664 Harrisburg Rd. N.E. Canton, Ohio 44705
Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM M-F
Voice: 330-489-3035 Fax: 330-455-5226

Scope of Services

Responsible for tracking and conforming with Ohio EPA water quality requirements.

Responsible for collecting samples required by the Ohio EPA.

Responsible for performing water testing per Ohio EPA requirements.

Perform water testing for other public and private water systems per request.

Liaison for consumer water quality questions and issues.


Laboratory Dates and Times of Operation

7:30 Am - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday.

Bacteria samples run at 3:00 PM Monday - Thursday.

Nitrate/Nitrite samples run at 12:00 PM 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Metals samples run Tuesday following last Monday of month.

Bacteria samples are not accepted any Friday or day before we are closed for a Holiday.

News Year, Dec 31st - Jan 1st

MLK Birthday, 3rd Monday in Jan.

Presidents Day, 3rd Monday in Feb.

Thursday before Good Friday and Good Friday.

Memorial Day, Last Monday in May.

4th of July, July 3rd - 4th

Labor Day, 1st Monday in Sept.

Veterns Day Nov 10th and 11th

Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving

Christmas, Dec 24th - 25th

Available Testing Services and Price List

Potable Water

*Total coliform/E. coli    MMO-MUG $12.50
Lead $15.00
Copper $10.00
*Total Nitrate $15.00
*Nitrite $15.00
Alkalinity/ Total and Phenolpthalein $7.50
Alkalinity/ Stability $10.00
Hardness $7.50
Turbidity $7.50
pH $7.50
Fluoride $7.50
Phosphate/ Total $15.00
Iron $10.00
Manganese $10.00
Sodium $10.00
DPD Meter Calibration $15.00

* Call 330-489-3035 for details.... Hold times, Analysis times and dates, etc.

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