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**Effective 01/01/2019, the minimum hydrant permit fees will increase to $76.72 for hydrants located inside the City of Canton and $110.43 for hydrants located outside the City of Canton.

The Canton Water Department will allow water to be used from a fire hydrant when an applicant applies for a Hydrant Connection Permit. This permit will be issued when a fee for the water and deposit for the hydrant valve have been paid.

The permit fee will be based on the amount of water to be taken from the hydrant, and whether the location is inside or outside the city.  The deposit amount is $150.00 for a commercial permit, or $25.00 for a residential permit. The minimum amount of water to be billed for from a hydrant connection is 7,000 gallons. The minimum fees for this amount are $76.72 for inside the city and $110.43 outside the city.

Allowable uses for a Hydrant permit include but are not limited to the following; construction, demolition, car washes, filling swimming pools, pressure testing vessels and filling water cisterns. A permit will NOT be issued for landscaping use, for watering lawns and/or trees, community gardens or vac trucks.

The Canton Water Department will supply a shutoff valve on the hydrant and the proper size connection for a garden or a fire hose and will flush the hydrant if the permit is for filling a swimming pool. The Canton Water Department will NOT supply the hose. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to supply the proper size hose. A red or orange tag will be placed on the hydrant connection. This tag must remain attached to the connection at all times.

The Canton Water Department is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of this fire hydrant connection or the water that is drawn from it. Any damage due to the results of this connection is the responsibility of the permit holder.

The permit holder is responsible for the hydrant connect valve. If it is missing or damaged, the Applicant agrees to pay for the repair or the replacement. When the hydrant connection is returned to the Water Department, the deposit will be returned to the applicant.

When filling a pool, if the water becomes discolored, it is the responsibility of the permit holder to stop filling the pool, and call the dispatcher at 330-489-3315. The service man will return and flush the hydrant. If this procedure is not followed, and the pool is filled with discolored water, the Water Department is not responsible, and a new permit must be issued to refill the pool.

Any fire hose which crosses any street must be protected by ramps on either side of the hose, before the hydrant connection will be made.

A water customer inside the City may fill their swimming pool from their home water service.  When filling a swimming pool from your service, all water passing through the meter will be billed for the water and the sewer. The sewer portion of the bill cannot be deducted from the utility bill.

The Canton Water Department does NOT supply any fire hoses. After the permit is obtained from the Water Department fire hoses can be rented from the following locations:

General Rent-All
2326 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, Ohio
General Rent-All
7047 Whipple Ave NW
Canton, Ohio

These stores may carry several hundred feet of hose. Please call for availability and prices.

These are just two stores that rent fire hoses, but are not the only stores that do rent fire hoses.

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