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Water Reclamation - Welcome

The Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) of the City of Canton, Ohio is responsible for treating all sanitary sewage that flows to the facility from a variety of sources throughout the greater Stark County area.

The WRF was previously known as the Water Pollution Control Center, but was changed to its current title in 2008 to more accurately reflect the duties and functions of the facility.  The "reclaiming" of this water occurs prior to discharge into the Nimishillen Creek, which flows next to the treatment plant.

The WRF has consistently been a leader in the sewage treatment field, earning a variety of industry awards and distinctions over the past 14 years.  In 2010, the facility was honored with the PLATINUM distinction from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) - the organization's highest distinction.  For more information about the awards received by the WRF, click here.

The WRF is set to complete the largest capital improvements project ever undertaken by the City of Canton. The total project cost is currently estimated to be between $85,000,000 and $90,000,000. Upon completion, it is believed that WRF will be the largest facility in North America utilizing membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology.

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